Lee Hood at World Stem Cell Summit

Screen shot of Dr. Lee Hood presenting at the World Stem Cell Summit on Dec. 6, 2013.

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News offered some highlights from the World Stem Cell Summit, where ISB president, Dr. Lee Hood, gave today's keynote talk: “In 5 to 10 years, you will have your genomes as part of your medical records,” Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D.,…

ISB Researchers Develop New Method to Study and Predict Traits of Cells

A Radically Different Approach to Unraveling Genetic Networks

3 Bullets: ISB researchers used the systems approach to develop a new way to integrate data from different classes of networks to better understand how cells function. The method is a software program called GEMINI and it’s the first of its kind to integrate…

The Future of Healthcare is Personalized

Lee Hood in NZ

Dr. Lee Hood, founder and president of Institute for Systems Biology, appeared on the news in New Zealand after giving a talk the previous night at the University of Auckland. Click on the image below to watch the video.

ISB’s PeptideAtlas Helps Advance the Study of Proteins

Human Proteome Project

  3 Bullets The Human Proteome Project expands on the work of the Human Genome Project. ISB is a leader in proteomics and developed PeptideAtlas, a project that has cataloged the proteins observed in thousands of proteomics experiments as an open resource for researchers…

Valerie Logan Luncheon Raises $50K for Science Education Programs at ISB


The Second Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon, which took place on Nov. 13, raised just over $50,000 for our education programs at Institute for Systems Biology. Guest speaker Julia Joo, who spent her summer as a high school intern here at ISB, shared with us…

ISB on Cover of C&En Magazine

C&En Mag

By ISBUSA ISB researcher Sarah Li was featured on the cover of C&EN Magazine on Nov. 18. The cover story is about how instrumentation companies are teaming up with research organizations to gain access to valuable work that could help refine or develop new…

A ‘Sound Check’ for Digital Transcriptomes


3 Bullets: Looking for biomarkers in different types of tissues requires comparing massive amounts of gene expression data. In order to compare 'digital transcriptome' data, they have to be normalized or adjusted to a common standard of measurement. ISB researchers developed new algorithmic methods…

How ISB’s Systems Approach Finds New Biological Insight from Existing Big-Data Sets


3 Bullets: There exist copious amounts of public research data that can reveal new biological information if they are integrated and analyzed. One of ISB's specialties is the ability to apply systems approaches to develop methods to integrate and analyze data. In the latest…

Systems Approach to Innovation Helps Extract More Data


3 Bullets: Technology lag affects the study of proteins, which when quantified can indicate disease or wellness. ISB uses systems approach to innovate and transcend technology limitations. ISB co-develops new technique and software suite to increase protein detection rate. By Dr. Kristian Swearingen Scientific…

ISB Hosts 2nd Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon on Nov. 13

Valerie Logan during the 2012 Valerie Logan Luncheon.

Photo above: Valerie Logan during the 2012 Valerie Logan Luncheon. To inspire students and imbue them with a love for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), we must inspire their teachers. ISB has always held this philosophy and, at the 2nd Annual Valerie Logan…