Valerie Logan Luncheon Raises $50K for Science Education Programs at ISB


The Second Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon, which took place on Nov. 13, raised just over $50,000 for our education programs at Institute for Systems Biology. Guest speaker Julia Joo, who spent her summer as a high school intern here at ISB, shared with us…

ISB Hosts 2nd Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon on Nov. 13

Valerie Logan during the 2012 Valerie Logan Luncheon.

Photo above: Valerie Logan during the 2012 Valerie Logan Luncheon. To inspire students and imbue them with a love for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), we must inspire their teachers. ISB has always held this philosophy and, at the 2nd Annual Valerie Logan…

Lee Hood Among Featured Innovators at Bezos Center for Innovation at MOHAI

Lee Hood participates in an interview during the launch of the Bezos Center for Innovation at MOHAI on Oct. 11. Hood is one of the featured innovators.

On Oct. 11, MOHAI hosted a VIP event to celebrate the launch of the Bezos Center for Innovation. The exhibit features 13 innovators from the Seattle area, including ISB's president, Dr. Lee Hood. Each innovator sat for an interview and snippets from each interview…

Lee Hood’s 75th Birthday Party Photo Gallery

Hood birthday

Dr. Lee Hood's 75th birthday party took place at ISB on Oct. 10. Here's the photo gallery. As part of the presentations, Dr. Nitin Baliga (ISB's Director and SVP) shared a fun video he made using footage he shot during the faculty retreat. Exactly…

Lee Hood On TV: May 4 & 5

Dr. Lee Hood is a guest on "Four Peaks" is a monthly current affairs show on UWTV and Northwest Cable News.

Dr. Lee Hood is a guest on “Four Peaks” is a monthly current affairs show on UWTV and Northwest Cable News. On Four Peaks TV: ISB’s Dr. Leroy Hood discusses predictive, personalized, preventative & participatory health care and and shows off his national medal…

2013 ISB Symposium: Systems Biology & the Brain

Christof Koch is the chief scientific officer at the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

What will the next decade hold for brain science? At ISB’s 12th Annual International Symposium: Systems Biology and the Brain, which took place on April 14-15, we began exploring this question. With the announcement in January about the European Commission awarding $1.29 billion to…

ISB Brain Research

ISB's Town Hall panel on "Demystifying the Brain."

  ISB held a panel discussion at Town Hall to discuss the complexity of the brain. It was a thought-provoking evening that attracted about 200 attendees. If you can’t see the embedded video, click on this link: Town Hall video Read Karlyn Beer’s column…

Dr. Lee Hood Talks P4 Medicine at Northeastern University Speaker Series

Dr. Lee Hood at Northeastern University Seattle

  Dr. Lee Hood was among the featured speakers at Northeastern University’s Local Leaders Global Impact series, which took place on March 22, 2013. Seattle Channel taped the session.

ISB at Town Hall: Systems Biology & the Brain

Town Hall

APRIL 3, 2013: The human brain and nervous system are extremely complex: When something goes wrong, it is typically difficult—if not impossible—to cure. Cancers of the brain are particularly malignant and, at some point, most families will encounter the devastating effects of other brain…

Video: ‘Geek of the Week’ at KCTS Science Cafe

Dr. Jared Roach at KCTS Science Cafe

ISB senior research scientist Dr. Jared Roach talks about being in love with DNA and how it’s “beautiful, curvaceous, symmetrical…fractally complex…iridescent and shimmering.” Watch the video of the Science Cafe here. Dr. Roach was named’s “Geek of the Week” in August 2011.