Greater Good: Successful High School Interns

2013 High School Interns

Every summer, ISB welcomes a group of high school interns, hosted through our Systems Education Experiences program. ISB is proud of its collaborative and cross-disciplinary culture and we work hard to nurture an environment that allows our staff to achieve at a high level….

Luxembourg-ISB Partnership: ‘An Unqualified Success’


By Hsiao-Ching Chou LUXEMBOURG JOURNAL, June 12, 2013 – At the 17th-century Neumünster Abbey, the cultural heart of Luxembourg City, a small group of some of the world’s most cutting-edge scientists gathered on June 10-11, 2013, for a symposium to discuss the future of…

ISB Post Doc Gets Patent for Protein that Blocks HIV


Martin Shelton Martin Shelton, a post doc in the Lee Hood lab, just received his first patent. He shared the following explanation with his 10-year-old nephew who’s a burgeoning scientist/inventor/engineer. “We made a small molecule called a peptide (which is a sciency word for…

A Bug’s Life: Discovery of Microbial Biological Clock May Shed Light on Ocean Health


By Greg Zornetzer ISB News Team Oceans contain innumerable species of diatom microbes that are responsible for half of the Earth’s oxygen production, as well as CO2 removal, a critical exchange in the web of life. The current understanding of these single-celled organisms is…

Microsoft’s Craig Mundie Joins ISB Board

ISB New Board Members

ISB announced three new board of directors members this morning. The full press release is here. Douglas Howe: Howe is the president and founder of Touchstone Corporation, a Seattle-based commercial real estate company that focuses on the development of urban infill projects and leads…

2013 ISB Symposium: Systems Biology & the Brain

Christof Koch is the chief scientific officer at the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

What will the next decade hold for brain science? At ISB’s 12th Annual International Symposium: Systems Biology and the Brain, which took place on April 14-15, we began exploring this question. With the announcement in January about the European Commission awarding $1.29 billion to…

NASA: SpaceX Launch & ISB’s Link


Just how vast is the reach of systems biology? Our president, Dr. Lee Hood, was invited to join the board of directors of CASIS (Center for the Advancement of Science in Space). NASA chose CASIS to be the sole manager of the International Space…

K-12 Science Education: ISB Meets with Seattle Superintendent

Superintendent Jose Banda and Dr. Dana Riley Black, who leads ISB's education initiatives, study a microfluidics chip, which is used for single-cell experiments.

One of ISB’s core beliefs is the importance of being fully engaged in how science is taught and learned at all levels – especially K-12. Our president, Dr. Lee Hood, has met with every Seattle Public Schools superintendent since 1994. Today, he met with…

ISB Ranks 4th in the World


SCImago, a research group based in Granada, Spain, generates an annual ranking of research institutions based on the impact of their research. The SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) report for 2012 calculates “Excellence Rates” for each of 3290 institutions based on the percentage of papers…