ISBers Doing Cool Things: Running a Marathon on Antarctica

Allison Lee, a research associate at ISB, received an Antarctica Service Medal.

Allison Lee, a research associate at ISB who blogged about her research cruise on the Ross Sea in Antarctica, recently wrote a piece for Northwest Runner about her experience running a marathon at McMurdo Station. In a banana costume. You can read her account…

ISB Retreat 2013: Wellness and Community

photo of sofware engineer waving

“This is the best retreat we’ve ever had – I say that every year. But this was a singular retreat in that it catalyzed an enormously interesting conversation about future opportunities.” – Lee Hood Every September, ISB holds an all-staff overnight retreat to step…

ISBers Doing Cool Things: Consulting on a Commerical Shoot

Martin Shelton makes his debut as an "extra" on the set of a commercial production that was held at ISB.

ISB sometimes gets requests from production crews who need to film in a lab setting. Our labs are so open and beautiful that producers get excited about shooting on site. We worked with crew that was shooting a commercial for a large brokerage firm…

ISBers Doing Cool Things: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

ISB research associate David Baxter during a break at Mt. Baden-Powell outside of Wrightwood, California. David hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail.

Would you consider hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail from Campo, California, on the Mexican border all the way north to Manning Park, British Columbia? David Baxter, a research associate at ISB, hiked 2650 miles from April to September 2012 and recently gave a…

ISB in Antarctica: Researcher Receives Medal

Allison Lee, a research associate at ISB, received an Antarctica Service Medal.

Allison Lee, who traveled to Antarctica this spring aboard a research cruise on an icebreaker in the Ross Sea, just received an Antarctic Service Medal for her participation. The medal was created by Congress and presented by the National Science Foundation to those who…

Scenes from Luxembourg

Luxembourg 2013

ISB is co-hosting a scientific symposium with Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine in Luxembourg City on June 10-11. Here are some scenes from Luxembourg pre-symposium. The full set of images can be found at this link:

ISB in Antarctica: Give Us the Water!


By Allison Lee, ISB Research Associate Just how much water is there to be had in the Ross Sea? There are approximately 265,000,000,000,000,000 liters*. Did that number go in one eye and out the other? It did for me. Let’s just say that’s a…

ISB in Antarctica: Pancake Ice & Algae Snot


This pancake ice is unreal! The brown water is all algae (phytoplankton), which is what I study. I look at the mucous (or microgels) that the algae produce. Scientists suspect that microgels make up about 10 percent of the carbon that exists as dissolved…

ISB in Antarctica: Wild Kingdom


Today was a wildlife smorgasbord. We saw three Emperor penguins, a molting Adelie penguin (they don’t go swimming when they’re molting), snow petrels, and a pod of seven Orca whales. Fossils of penguins indicate they used to be six feet tall! (All photos are…

ISB in Antarctica: Algae Samples

This image shows algae from the layer of dirt at the bottom of the sea.

It’s not all about water. Studying the cycle of carbon in the sea is a huge undertaking. There are so many parts to look at all the way from the sea surface to the deepest depths. The Ross Sea ranges from about 500 to…